Debunking . . . the Inglorious Heresy. CO2 is Good.

Update August 30, 2011 — IT’S THE SUN, STUPID

PS — Hey Supreme Court justices and EPA! CO2 is only 385 parts per million, but is an essential part of or atmosphere . . . we can’t live without it . . . you can breath it in all day (unlike its diminutive cousin, CO) and you’ll be fine . . . plants need it, and the more CO2 the more they thrive . . . and compared to water vapor CO2 is an inconsequential contributor to the greenhouse effect.

Now, how about a simple lesson in Global Warming?

True. Since the 1800’s man’s contribution to atmospheric CO2 has grown from 0 to over 300 billion metric tons annually.

But, the total amount of C02 in the atmosphere has only increased from 285 to 385 parts per million. ‘285’ to ‘385’ parts per million sounds like a lot. But that increase is maybe better described as 1/100th of 1 percent. Here is the math —

385 parts per 1,000,000 = 38.5 parts per 100,000 = 3.85 parts per 10,000 = .385 parts per 1,000 = .0385 parts per 100 . . . which equals .0385%. Therefore, the change in CO2 as a percentage of atmosphere only changed 1/25th of 1% . . . and my tomato plants thank you very much.

Where is all that damn CO2? It is beneficial to plants . . . plants love the damn stuff, and plants are the food of vegetarians, and the bottom of the food chain for those of us who enjoy Carne Adovada, or a good Chicken Marsala.

In other words, there is an inverted analog relationship between CO2 production and the ‘carbon footprint,’ being that of a stasis; more CO2 produced, more plant growth. In the atmospheric science, it is called ‘sequestration.’

Here are a couple websites you should visit:

This is a government website . . . so don’t call me a Right Wing nut job.

You will find these devices on any hydroponic gardening website. Whether you are growing Marijuana or Tomatoes indoors, these machines that produce CO2 are as essential as using scientifically formulated plant food.


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