Islam: Enemy of America and the World

The enemy is in your town, your city. It huddles and schemes in its mosques, and mocks you.

Under U.S. law, this ‘religion’ does not merit travel visas, lawful residency, or immigration.  Yet, we ignore the enemy in our midst, and are too timid to enforce our own laws.

It is a religion based on lies.

Read the Koran, and passages relying on Old or New Testament stories pepper its pages. The story of Abraham and Ishmael is completely contrary to that of the bible. There is a newborn Jesus whose first words cry out that he is merely a prophet, and that a greater one will follow, the Ahmad . . .

1 John 14:16 speaks of a ‘paracletus,’ (Gr. παράκλητος, Lat. paracletus)  the ‘helper,’ . . . what Christians recognize as God’s Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth.  That Truth and guidance, our armor and defense against sin and injustice, is the bible. From the bible, we receive the wisdom and spirit of Christ.

Mohammad was not the first ‘false prophet’ to seize upon 1 John 14:16 as a reference to his own person. Montanus, along with his wife Priscilla, started an ‘end of times’ cult in the third century based on that scripture. I may as well include Vernon Howell, aka David Koresh, who preached that a scripture from Isaiah was prophetic of his ministry and Waco compound.

Muslims have essentially thrown the bible away, re-writing it. To them, the discrepancies between the Koran and the Bible are prima facie evidence that the bible was corrupted, and that the Miracle of Islam is the Koran as transmitted orally to Mohammad.

Yet, what of the Dead Sea Scrolls in Qumran? Those biblical texts from 100 years before Christ’s birth are 700 years older than Mohammad’s conversion to monotheism. The copyists from 150 BCE were as faithful and accurate as those found today. Therefore, why suspect the oral and copyist traditions to the times of David 1000 years earlier, if not Abraham from the dawn of written history out of Sumer and Ur, 700 years prior to David?

Dissimulation or taqiyah is such a central tenet of Islam, that it is also the name for their traditional hat. Lying and the false oath is valid when dealing with non-Muslims. If Satan was the ‘father of the lie,’ then Satan is the god of Islam. Allah? That was the name of the Vedic/Bedouin ‘moon goddess.’

Preaching to Muslims is essential, however conversion to Christianity is a death sentence to a Muslim . . . it is unforgivable apostasy. Unfortunately, the sentence of death in Sharia law is also the only cure for Islamic hegemony and terrorism . . . only we are the ones who will be forced to carry it out.


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2 Responses to “Islam: Enemy of America and the World”

  1. Sorry Voter Says:

    > Muslims have essentially thrown the bible away, re-writing it.

    And Christianity is based on Judaism, “re-writing” the latter as well.

    So what? Why the endless hating and killing based on whose imaginary friend really exists?

    Why judging people on “belief” (which is not based on scientific fact or logic) when no-one really can know whose belief is “right” or “wrong”? Maybe they’re all right. Maybe they’re all wrong. Maybe no-one cares.

    • paralegalnm Says:

      I am reminded of the trailer to the latest Anthony Hopkins movie, ‘Just because you don’t believe in Satan won’t protect you from him.’

      The Muslims are your enemies, whether you like it or not.

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