How Did Romney Get 3 Million Fewer Votes Than McCain?

Up-date Jan 8, 2013 — There was the story of the disgraced Ohio Dem politician, bragging about teaching people how to defraud the vote through gas bills and fake ID. Here is the latest —
Jerome Corsi’s upcoming book will describe vote fraud in the 2012 election. My theory, and ‘napkin/post-it’ calculations showed that by picking key districts, powerful poll officials, especially in Ohio (where Obama’s 2008 election organization never shut its doors) could have undermined the Romney vote and vote count, changing the election.
Up-date Nov 27:  Two articles that are a must read.  and

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Up-date Nov 16, 2012: Nov. 5, 2012.

Must SEE!

This article concludes that even ‘de minimus’ (minute) changes to the tabulation software can affect the entire system. Who benefitted? Was it used to control the outcome of the critical Ohio vote? See the Boxer/Tubb Jones Title 3 Sec 15 challenge to the 2000 Ohio tabulation at the end of Section II.



I. Chick-fil-A issues did not need Get Out the Vote marketing.

II. Title 3 USC § 15 Challenge Necessary

I. Chick-fil-A did NOT need any ‘get out the vote’ marketing.

Nor did the two key 2012 HOT BUTTON issues, 1) Obamacare, and 2) Unemployment vis-à-vis taxes.

Two-thirds of the public are polled as being against Obamacare for its effect on healthcare and jobs. Unemployment is over 9%, and upcoming taxes and the socialist policies of Obama will trigger more layoffs.


Secretaries of State in key markets had a computer patch installed that allowed ‘real-time’ tabulation from disparate voting machines. Why? WHY! Answer: So they could determine where and how many Romney votes needed deletion.

Obama had 9 million less votes than in 2008. Yet, turnout was up both in early voting and at the polls. Why then were Romney’s numbers 3 million LESS than McCain’s back in 2008 when there was NO HOT BUTTON?

Dismiss my theory, but it is pure deduction based on an indelible fact about the tabulation patch. And if true, it means the election process is permanently corrupted . . . over.

Why file fraudulent voter registrations and work to send in bogus absentee ballots when all you have to do is lose, ‘in vivo machina,’ just enough of your opponents votes.

The theory can be tested. The Ohio machines (and similar setups) must be analyzed to see if the tabulations can be altered, i.e., votes deleted.

In lieu of paper ballots, we need two counts: One at the door taken mechanically by two poll workers, and the other from the machine tabulation tallies. They must match up within a margin of error.

For a detailed record of the Complaint and Expert Opinion Affidavit describing the ‘patch’ by a computer engineer, see

See also

II. Title 3 USC § 15

The electoral votes must now be counted and certified, and under Title 3 U.S.C. § 15 a simple letter signed by one Senator and one House Member can halt the proceedings to examine the following:

The 1790 Uniform Naturalization Act et seq 1855 denied a U.S. born son of a British subject U.S. citizenship. This law stood for 99 years, until Wong Kim Ark.

  • Conversely, a son of a British subject born on U.S. soil was a natural born British subject, under the 1772 British Nationality Act.
  • The 14th Amendment guaranteed citizenship at birth to children of ‘stateless’ freed slaves, i.e., who had no nationality jurisdiction through the father. ‘Under the Jurisdiction Thereof’ is the analog of its antecedent Act, the 1866 Civil Rights Act’s ‘Not subject to any foreign power.’ It referred to the nationality of the father, not place of birth.
  • Article 1, Sec. 8 of the U.S. Constitution gave plenary power to congress, NOT the Judiciary, for the LEGISLATION of Uniform Naturalization law . . ..
  • Minor vs. Happersett (U.S. Supreme Court, 1875) defined in judicial notice, i.e., stare decisis still valid to this day, that a ‘natural born citizen’ was of two U.S. citizen parents.
  • Wong Kim Ark violated Art 1, Sec 8 by ignoring existing statutes, acts, and treaty and misinterpreted the 14th Amendment to apply to children born of aliens. Regardless, Wong Kim Ark did not, nor could not, redefine ‘natural born citizen.’
  • Fact: Obama’s April 27, 2011 birth certificate is an altered, fake, and forged document.
  • Fact: Obama’s SS# does not pass E-Verify.
  • Fact: Obama has admitted, in his own writing and voice, that he was born a British citizen.

Can we not find one senator and one house member willing to fight for the constitution?

McCain was booed when he tried to sooth the crowd, defending Mr Obama as ‘a decent person and a person you do not have to be scared of as president of the United States.’ Minnesota, 2008

“Obama is a radical Communist. And I think it is becoming clear; that’s what I told everyone in Illinois. I think everybody knows its true. He is going to destroy this country. We’re either going to stop him, or the United States of America is going to cease to exist.” Ambassador Alan Keyes,February 19, 2009

“Congress shall be in session on the sixth day of January succeeding every meeting of the electors . . . and the President of the Senate shall be their presiding officer . . . Upon such reading of [the electoral votes], the President of the Senate shall call for objections, if any. Every objection shall be made in writing, and shall state clearly and concisely, and without argument, the ground thereof, and shall be signed by at least one Senator and one Member of the House of Representatives before the same shall be received . . . No votes or papers from any other State shall be acted upon until the objections previously made to the votes or papers from any State shall have been finally disposed of.” 3 U.S.C. § 15 Counting electoral votes in Congress

New York Times WASHINGTON, Jan. 6 [2000] – “Congress officially ratified President Bush’s election victory on Thursday, but not before Democrats lodged a formal challenge to the electoral votes from Ohio, forcing an extraordinary two-hour debate that began the 109th Congress on a sharp note of partisan acrimony . . . a single senator – Barbara Boxer, a California Democrat who was sworn in Tuesday for a third term – joined Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Democrat of Ohio, in objecting to Ohio’s 20 electoral votes for Mr. Bush, citing voting irregularities in the state.”



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9 Responses to “How Did Romney Get 3 Million Fewer Votes Than McCain?”

  1. slcraignbc Says:

    I agree that there is substantial circumstantial evidence of real time Vote Tally manipulation that was aided by inflated Voter Registration Rolls, the absentee, military and early voter ballot system.

    But as I have suggested elsewhere such a system would be designed to work like a toilet. Once flushed the evidence is lost to any forensic analysis.

    State election laws are wholly insufficient along with the Fed laws.

    We are now, officially, a “Banana Republic”.

    • paraleaglenm Says:

      I am not suggesting proving a negative.

      The machines must be analyzed to see if a deletion/corruption of specifically tagged entries is possible.

      The judge denied probable cause calling the Ohio case ‘ridiculous.’ However, saying the ‘patch’ was limited to Write Only is a strawman argument. The question ‘Why real-time tabulation is necessary,’ is a good one. It leads directly to the question posed by this blog entry, ‘Can that information be used to accurately determine how many opponent votes to delete to create a close but decisive victory.’ Finally, is that deletion of data possible.

      If those questions are not answered, we should refuse use of the computer/scanner voting machine. At least the mechanical voting machine complained about in Florida, 2000 (Votomatic) was extremely reliable and impossible to tamper with.

  2. slcraignbc Says:

    Well, I’m unwilling to speak to the specific’s of any of the system’s as I consider them all flawed as they operate under the various State Election laws.

    And yes, I suspect that there was/is an algorithm at play that allowed operatives to make adjustments as needed at various points throughout the process.

    But I would posit that any suggestion that ‘electronic voting’ can not be be made reliable is suspect given the billions of dollars “cast’ by electronic transfer every day.

    Even there the “fraud” is found in stolen cards and fraudulently created accounts, similar to the current voting systems.

    A secure html ballot could be set to open with a valid ‘pin #’ randomly generated at sign in in a separate program that maintains a count.

    At the html ballot could be set up as a fill-able pdf with a single print and read only save function that generated a readable and non-duplicatable bar code for a scan-count .

    Then you have real time tally with hard copy ballots verifiable by the randomly generated pin # and bar code scan count.

    That’s 3 counts at the polling booth with a hard copy ballot w/ bar code for recount verification, if needed.

    • paraleaglenm Says:

      Electronic fraud is rampant in the banking system.

      Add to that the ‘fox’ guarding the ‘hen house,’ e.g., politically appointed secretaries of state and the problem is more severe.

      I mentioned a safeguard in the blog, and that is a bipartisan physical/mechanical counting of all ballots as they are recieved, and voters entering the polls. That count has to match up with the final tabulation.

      In addition, it is ludicrous that voter ID has been stymied by the courts, as is the alien/illegal alien motor voter effect of some states issuing drivers licenses to aliens.

  3. arnash Says:

    When it comes to the democrat political election machine, where corruption is possible it has to be assumed to be probable. All one has to do is look at the endemic corruption of Chicago/Illinois politics, with 4 (?) governors convicted and sent to prison, along with the corruption scandal of ACORN. If the count can be manipulated, it will be manipulated by nefarious godless morally bankrupt crooks behind the scenes. That is the sad truth about human nature when it has no moral compass, as is the case with men like, -and far worse than, Obama.

    I hadn’t had any such suspicions regarding the inexplicable shrunken vote for McCain which should have been 3 million more votes, not less, (aside from Ron Paulians not voting) but just raising the possibility of electronic fraud puts an explanation on the table that makes perfect sense. I will have to assume the worst until it is proven to be untrue. Which is very unlikely, because like the eligibility issue, no one wants to go there because it involves the distasteful task of having to point a finger at someone, and the toothless oatmeal eaters of the Republican party haven’t yet seen a scandal they were incapable of ignoring. Just look at the pathetically small number of Republicans in the House who are demanding answers about Benghazi-gate. The silence of all the rest speaks volumes.

  4. unbontir Says:

    The crooked machines are a symptom of a malignant disease within our two major political parties as well as throughout our society. Perhaps I should not throw stones as I live in a glass house of my own making, but th ere is a vaccuous absence of integrity, honesty, sincerety, principled morality–all that–within our society. Moral relativsim has infected our culture and is evident within the liberal-socialist left as well as the accomodating, compromising right. On the left they term it ‘political correctness’ and on the right, or the other side of the same coin as it were, they describe their self-promoted, supposed superior quality as ‘fair and balanced.’
    Yes, the machines are corruptable, but no repair or replacement will solve the problem. Consider the Republican State Caucus in Shreveport this past election cycle. The majority of delegates voted for Ron Paul including my neighbor Mr. Gary King. First of all the Republican party establishment leadership actually changed the Robert’s Rules immediately before the caucus–I believe it was within 24 hours of the actual meeting. Many didn’t learn of the changes until they got there. The Ron Paul supporters voted out the Chairman, Roger Villere, and on the second day he still assumed the position he had been voted out of and when the Ron Paul supporters turned their chairs around and started their own caucus since they were being completely disregarded and disrespected, law enforcement was called in and order deteriorated. One man who was speaking at a podium for the Ron Paul delegates was injured in ensuing scuffles.
    Then there was Tampa. My friend Gary King was a state delegate there. A vote was taking place on changes that would, if adopted, make it considerably harder for independent thinking Republican party members to nominate anyone other than the party’s pre-determined nominee du jour four years from now. Now here’s the disgusting thing and Gary King has posted the video on his website there was a teleprompter in front of the stage scrolling everything that was transpiring in the vote. The person at the microphone called for the ‘Ayes’ to vote and they shouted ‘Aye!’ Then, you could read the teleprompter as it scrolled where the ‘Nayes’ were asked to vote…AND BEFORE THE WORDS OF HIS REQUEST FOR THE ‘NAYES’ TO CAST THEIR VOTE HAD LEFT HIS MOUTH THE TELEPROMPTER SCROLLED UP WITH THE WORDS “THE ‘AYES’ HAVE IT’ !!!
    My whole point being, no matter how accurate the machines are, simply correcting their deficiencies will not be enough to prevent corruption when the ethical foundation of those officials tasked with the responsibility of conducting an election is established on the shifting sands of moral relativism for, like the manipulable foundation upon which they construct their ‘fair and balanced,’ ‘politically correct’ worldviews, another avenue of approach towards stealing an election will quite simply be employed.
    I’m not suggesting we don’t condemn unreliable voting machines, but that’s just the tip of an iceberg.

    • paraleaglenm Says:

      Ron Paul’s incursion into the Republican convention was a farce. I personally know one of Paul’s delegates, and what he and the other Paulians did to attempt to corrupt the convention. Don’t start in with Gary Johnson either.

      The topic of this blog was the digital theft of an election . . . an elaborate plan to undermine the Republic and disenfranchise voters, i.e., citizens. It suggested how the pre-poll closing access to tabulation enabled the fraud to be foolproof, e.g., how many of Romney’s votes to delete.

      For more information, see the WorldNetDaily article summarizing more fraud. The Pennsylvania tallys not adding up forensically is more proof.

  5. unbontir Says:

    I was not endorsing Ron Paul, but providing a specific example of the ubiquitious corruption within the Republican party when I asked the reader to ‘Consider the Republican State Caucus in Shreveport this past election cycle.’
    In fact I summarized my point explicitly writing: “My whole point being, no matter how accurate the machines are, simply correcting their deficiencies will not be enough to prevent corruption when the ethical foundation of those officials tasked with the responsibility of conducting an election is established on the shifting sands of moral relativism for, like the manipulable foundation upon which they construct their ‘fair and balanced,’ ‘politically correct’ worldviews, another avenue of approach towards stealing an election will quite simply be employed.
    I’m not suggesting we don’t condemn unreliable voting machines, but that’s just the tip of an iceberg.”
    ‘Ron Paul’s incursion into the Republican Convention’ amounts to a 30 some-odd year career of standing for what he believes. I disagree with much of his libertarian platform–especially the “Zionist” bullshit–as I am a Follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, but to malign his endeavor as a “farce” is unfair for, if nothing else, he was a pillar of consistency throughout his career, though the election process in these united states may quite accurately be described as farsical.

    If I might be so bold as to assert that the size, boldness, and red color of the font conveys intended emphasis, and utilizing the very basic elements of higher textual criticism, extrapolate from the emphasis that that section of the article is to be emphatically emphasisized. (I intentionally repeated the word ’emphasis’ in its varied forms to emphasize the emphasis intended–hah!), and so I propose that, beyond your legalistic perspective on everything that you read, (a hinderance to nuances of meaning in literature I might add, regardless of your legal analysis usually being of superior intellectual quality), there is in the article in question a major theme expressed in the red, emboldened passages that you are overlooking because of your advocatally-myopic vision which is keenly focused with the trained eyes of a legal expert on the less significant issue of ‘the digital theft of an election’ which you describe as ‘The topic of this blog.’ I would argue that ” IF TRUE, FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS ARE OVER. YOUR VOTE, YOUR VOICE AS A CITIZEN IS NULLIFIED BY THOSE COUNTING THE VOTES . . . ESPECIALLY THOSE COUNTING BEFORE THE POLLS CLOSE.” is the cental theme, or “topic” of this blog, but even if upon closer examination I was wrong, there was no reason for you to condemn my employment of the Ron Paul delegate’s experience in Shreveport and Tampa as indicative of my endorsing Ron Paul, libertarianism, or Gary Johnson who I know nothing about–though I can see how you might easily jump to that conclusion, when I made it so clear by starting the last paragraph with, ‘My whole point being, no matter how accurate the machines are,…’ and concluded with a fair summary of the thrust of my argument where I wrote, “I’m not suggesting we don’t condemn unreliable voting machines, but that’s just the tip of an iceberg.”
    You are light years beyond me when it comes to legal analysis, but your starting to get so legalistic in your observations that you see the gnats, but sometimes fail to observe elephants–or Rhinos–Hah! (Just threw that in there as a little subject matter humor.) Have a wonderful, Christ centered Christmas, ctf

    • paraleaglenm Says:

      This blog was 1000 words, 700 if you subtract the three quotes at the bottom. Your comment above was 630 words.

      I take it for granted that in my state, New Mexico, my vote was disenfranchised by Sec of State Rebecca Vigil-Giron issuing 82,000 drivers licenses to illegal aliens.

      However, if the congressional hearing with the NASA computer programmer is accurate, the electronic voting in key precincts and counties was compromised so that accurate deletion of Romney votes in swing counties, and thus swing states, changed the election.

      There is serious statistical analysis that shows an impossible variance in congressional versus total presidential votes. It is an incongruity. That is not legal analysis, but facts and math.

      What this blog is trying to say that the Republican ‘shrug’ of voter fraud is now obsolete, because no matter how well we get out the vote, the counters and tabulators can delete them.

      Keep in mind that to a computer, a ‘1’ is no different than a ‘1,000,000,’ In other words, deleting 1 vote is no different than a million . . . or 3 million in this case . . . not hard to do spread across several high-density population counties.

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