From my first blog on Obama’s Article II eligibility February of 2009, to my most recent one January of 2011, my research has been relied upon by several attorneys and two authors.

While Phil Berg did not agree with my conclusion that Obama was a citizen at birth, Orly Taitz and Mario Apuzzo have used my research for legal filings and blog content.

If you read my first blog, ‘Barack Hussein Obama — A Natural Born British Subject,’ and compare it to Chapter 5 of Aaron Klein’s ‘Manchurian Candidate,’ you might see a resemblance.

A book being released Spring of 2011 relied heavily on my research and legal analysis, up to my January 2011 blog.

I was the first legal analyst to figure out how Obama could have gotten a Hawaiian C.O.L.B. without a  birth certificate, or being born in Hawaii.

My work now is focused on getting congress to revise 8 USC 1401 to better reflect the intent of the writers of the 1866 Civil Rights Act and the 14th Amendment.

I do not work full-time due to a serious neurological syndrome. If you care to make donations, please contact me . . . it is much appreciated.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. paralegalnm Says:

    I was forced into reading the law and litigation suing and being sued by attorneys. I’ve continued studying the law for ten years now, only giving up a full scholarship to law school for health reasons.

    I own a fine art photography studio, which is my true passion. However, defending the Constitution and my disgust for law-breaking lawyers keeps me active.

    I grew up in ‘colonial’ Pennsylvania. For two years I lived only a couple blocks from Independence Mall . . . the churches and historical sites were a constant reminder of how close history can be, and I loved spending time at those places.

    I am currently working on restoring my health. I was training for a 100-mile bike race when paralyzed, but am close to full recovery. Soon, will be doing a show of my new prints, and will then feature them on a website.

    Thank you for your attention to my blog post. It involved months of discussion, critique, and legal research.

    I spent over $10,000 in Paralegal/Pre-Law training . . . so contributions to my PayPal account of any amount would be a blessing to my situation.

  2. Donald Cundiff Says:

    Dear Leonard,

    Thank you for posting so much of your research on “natural born” citizens.

    I travel through several internet sites daily to reply to all of the Acorn/Oborters who make really stupid comments.

    Having your site helps me understand the replys to all of their silly comments.

    I’m hoping we might be finally getting to the top of the hill to have a court review the facts and law and find the Whitehouse is occupied by a Usurper.

    My only fear is the large amount of corruption in the court system.

    Thanks again.

    D Cundiff

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