Chinese Censorship Rules in Big Tech

Google is still designing search engine censorship for China, even after bad publicity for Dragonfly. And, the Chinese Communist Party censorship rules are expanding rapidly here in the United States. Search terms once active in Google (I won’t specify) are now ‘cleansed’ from Search Results. Rumble, a direct competitor to YouTube suddenly disappeared from Google Search once Google acquired the video streaming service. So . . . I ask you . . . how much is being censored? The Mainstream Media censored any mention of the Hunter Biden laptops, and, in fact, ‘debunked’ them as Russian propaganda for Trump. Now, the censorship is out in the open as ‘good policy’ to protect the public.…/google-china-search-engine…/

This censorship is enough to trigger the 2018 Executive Order concerning foreign interference in the election. Let alone outright ballot fraud through unconstitutional rule changes, that permitted theft of voter registrations and illicit ballot counting.

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